Tidal playlist showing albums instead of tracks after tapping the “Eye” symbol

Hi all,

I accidentally tapped the eye symbol in playlist view and now it doesn’t show the tracks in the playlist but albums (on which the tracks in the playlist are on). Cannot get it back to showing tracks again. Tapping the eye symbol again doesn’t do anything and reinstall of the remote didn’t help either. Any tips?
I’m using iPhone 12 with the latest iOS and also the latest version of the Remote app.



Hello @alpal664 ,

Can you send us a screenshot of the Remote while you have this issue?

Thanks for the reply but i accidentally solved the problem. When i opened the computer version of Audirvana, i found out that playlists in there had album thumbnails too instead of tracks. But on the computer i could change between thumbnail and list view and that cured the app as well. Maybe the Eye symbol in the phone app should toggle the view back to track list too but mine didn’t.

Screenshots from my phone:

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