TIDAL -unable to playback audio

Connected to TIDAL and album view show up but when trying to play it says “Loading first track” and then “unable to play an audio file”
I can play from my local files though.
Any ideas on why this is?

If this is on Windows 10, there’s a known issue with Tidal signing into Edge, which has obviously not been sorted with Tidal, so you’ll have to quit Audirvana and connect again with Tidal…

Hello @Mikey, this issue as been sorted by Tidal last week, do you still ahve it?

Hello @Magnus10,

Have you tried to reconnect your Tidal account?

Still have to quit, restart and reconnect to Tidal about once a day…

After the latest update, still being forced to quit, restart and reconnect to Tidal: do I need to reinstall the software or is anyone else having the problem?