Too many install on the license, and i can’t remove the Audirvana on this device

I have seen a lot of these issues in the forum - can somebody help me to trash all so I can start as fresh - it happend after I changed my license to cross platform.

b.t.w. how many licenses in total do I have?

thank you best regards,
Max Mackenzie

Hello @gewoondemax,

I have removed all your computers from the license database.
You can now activate up to two computers.

To install Audirvana on your computer, you can proceed as follows:

  1. install trial version :
  2. unlock it by loading your license key

Kann Audirvana nicht mehr aktivieren.
Brauche Hilfe
Gruß jens Holzkamp

Hej hej,

i´m using it on two systems and one (the Notebook) is crashed.
Could you please reset my database too…

Bought at 2019-05-20
Order Number is 96610578

Thank you