Too many questions about Library management unanswered

Just migrated to MacBook Pro. Searched my usual audio sites for advice on a IOS playing system; most common recommendation seemed to be Audirvana. So I made the purchase. I am very satisfied with the SQ of playback from my SSD hard drive. My problem is that I cannot create playlists, a feature important to me, and beyond that, there is no support document that I can consult. Others have complained many times about a lack of drag-n-drop capability for playlists, but I cannot reached that point. I created a digital streaming system for my home which will play my modest 15k track collection. I really do not think that Audirvana provides adequate support.

Can a create playlists from my hard drive?
If so, how would I accomplish this?
If not, how do a get a refund?

There is a playlist in the left column with yhe library, just hit + sign and choose from there regular or smart playlist then drag songs in or albums

Doesn’t work. I was finally able to create a new playlist yesterday, but drag-n-drop does not work for me and I can’t find any keyboard shortcuts to add tracks.

Just to prove me wrong, I just tried again and it worked fine. I have no idea what the difference was, but all is semi-right with the world again. I still think that support documents for the major functions would be warranted.
Thanks RHS!

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drag and drop works in a playlist for albums and tracks also… see small movie.

can’t remember how to show it here… download and see :slight_smile:

I experienced the same.

Integrating with iTunes solved this for me. Essentially I use iTunes for song management and integration with MacOS (automation for eg.) and Audivarna’s sound engine and AU plug in management.

I still get the odd glitch but this is reliable for me to run net radio shows using it.

Thanks for the help. Your reply led me to consider whether there would be licensing issues with Apple on the limits of integration. I suppose that the thing to do now might be with Apple Music.

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