Track selection issues (MacOS Big Sur)

In earlier versions of audirvana - Mac installations it was very easy to select and start a track at the same time by double click, even while playing another track. With the actual version of audirvana I have to explicitly stop playing before selecting a new track, and even the selection has to be done carefully in two steps: First select, then start playing. Otherwise audirvana starts a wrong track with the effect, that same of the track infos are correct (title, time . . . ), other belong to the selected track played, not the actual one. Tracks and track infos belong not to where my mouse clicked.

I changed my database from network disc to local files without solving this issue.

Where is the problem?

Thank you for help.

Hello @specialbiker, can you make some screenshots of the issue so we can try to reproduce it on our side?

Thank you for fast response, here some screenshots with description:

The problem is, that I cannot make a screenshot from what is playing at a moment. But in certain cases it is not what is shown by audirvana. I hope this helps you.

Best regards

Can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info”? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

Audirvana Mac Version 3.5.44 (3574)
macOS 11.2.3 with 16384MB RAM

Registriert nach Hans Härtl


Polarity Inversion:
	Globally: OFF
	Per track: OFF
Effects plugins NOT ACTIVE

iZotope SRC not in use iZotope SRC filter parameters
Steepness = 150
Filter max length = 500000
Cut-Off (x Nyquist) = 100%
Anti-aliasing = 200
Phase = 100%

Max allowed volume: 100
Replay Gain: None
SW volume control: OFF

Sync list: 1 folders
AUTO: /Volumes/NVME SSD/audiofiles SSD
iTunes/Music library synchronization: not synchronized
Library database path: /Users/hans/Library/Application Support/Audirvana/AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite

TIDAL: Connected as HIFI

=================== AUDIO DEVICE ========================

Preferred device: cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer Model UID:Novatron cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer UID:uuid:0dbbfa37-75d0-4d7e-bb8f-0017B8103428

Selected device:
UPnP device at
ID 0x0 cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer Manufacturer:Novatron
Model UID:Novatron cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer UID:uuid:0dbbfa37-75d0-4d7e-bb8f-0017B8103428

6 available sample rates up to 192000Hz
Volume control: No
MQA capability
Auto-detect MQA devices: No
Not a MQA device, user set to not MQA
DSD capability: Unhandled
Device audio channels
Preferred stereo channels L:0 R:1
Channel bitmap: Ox3, layout:
Channel 0 mapped to 0
Channel 1 mapped to 1
UPnP/DLNA supported protocols:
DLNA 1.5: Yes
Gapless playback: Yes
Missing events workaround: Yes
Can play native DSD: No
Number of channels: 2
Use as stereo device only: No

1 output streams:
Number of active channels: 2, in 1 stream(s)
Channel #0 :Stream 0 channel 0
Channel #1 :Stream 0 channel 1

Stream ID 0x0 0 channels starting at 0
12 virtual formats:
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 44.1kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 44.1kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 88.2kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 88.2kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 176.4kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 176.4kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 48kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 48kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 96kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 96kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 16 little endian Signed Integer 192kHz
2 ch Non-mixable linear PCM Interleaved 24 little endian Signed Integer 192kHz

0 physical formats

Current device transportInfo:
CurrentTransportState: STOPPED
CurrentTransportStatus: OK
CurrentSpeed: 1
Current device MediaInfo:
NrTracks: 0
MediaDuration: 00:00:00
PlayMedium: NONE

Current device AVT service description:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 1 0 GetCurrentTransportActions InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Actions out CurrentTransportActions GetDeviceCapabilities InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID PlayMedia out PossiblePlaybackStorageMedia RecMedia out PossibleRecordStorageMedia RecQualityModes out PossibleRecordQualityModes GetMediaInfo InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID NrTracks out NumberOfTracks MediaDuration out CurrentMediaDuration CurrentURI out AVTransportURI CurrentURIMetaData out AVTransportURIMetaData NextURI out NextAVTransportURI NextURIMetaData out NextAVTransportURIMetaData PlayMedium out PlaybackStorageMedium RecordMedium out RecordStorageMedium WriteStatus out RecordMediumWriteStatus GetPositionInfo InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Track out CurrentTrack TrackDuration out CurrentTrackDuration TrackMetaData out CurrentTrackMetaData TrackURI out CurrentTrackURI RelTime out RelativeTimePosition AbsTime out AbsoluteTimePosition RelCount out RelativeCounterPosition AbsCount out AbsoluteCounterPosition GetTransportInfo InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID CurrentTransportState out TransportState CurrentTransportStatus out TransportStatus CurrentSpeed out TransportPlaySpeed GetTransportSettings InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID PlayMode out CurrentPlayMode RecQualityMode out CurrentRecordQualityMode Next InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Pause InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Play InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Speed in TransportPlaySpeed Previous InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Seek InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID Unit in A_ARG_TYPE_SeekMode Target in A_ARG_TYPE_SeekTarget SetAVTransportURI InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID CurrentURI in AVTransportURI CurrentURIMetaData in AVTransportURIMetaData SetPlayMode InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID NewPlayMode in CurrentPlayMode Stop InstanceID in A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID CurrentPlayMode string NORMAL REPEAT_ONE REPEAT_ALL SHUFFLE SHUFFLE_NOREPEAT RecordStorageMedium string NOT_IMPLEMENTED CurrentRecordQualityMode string NOT_IMPLEMENTED PossibleRecordQualityModes string NOT_IMPLEMENTED RecordMediumWriteStatus string NOT_IMPLEMENTED PossibleRecordStorageMedia string NOT_IMPLEMENTED LastChange string RelativeTimePosition string CurrentTrackURI string CurrentTrackDuration string CurrentMediaDuration string AbsoluteCounterPosition i4 RelativeCounterPosition i4 A_ARG_TYPE_InstanceID ui4 AVTransportURI string TransportState string STOPPED PAUSED_PLAYBACK PLAYING NO_MEDIA_PRESENT CurrentTrackMetaData string NextAVTransportURI string CurrentTrack ui4 0 65535 1 AbsoluteTimePosition string NextAVTransportURIMetaData string PlaybackStorageMedium string NONE UNKNOWN CD-DA HDD NETWORK PossiblePlaybackStorageMedia string NONE UNKNOWN CD-DA HDD NETWORK CurrentTransportActions string AVTransportURIMetaData string NumberOfTracks ui4 0 65535 A_ARG_TYPE_SeekMode string REL_TIME TRACK_NR A_ARG_TYPE_SeekTarget string TransportStatus string OK ERROR_OCCURRED TransportPlaySpeed string 1

Current device RootDevice description:

<?xml version="1.0"?> 1 0 urn:schemas-upnp-org:device:MediaRenderer:1 cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer Novatron cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer 1.2.2 uuid:0dbbfa37-75d0-4d7e-bb8f-0017B8103428 DMS-1.50 urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:AVTransport:1 urn:upnp-org:serviceId:AVTransport /AVTransport/scpd.xml /AVTransport/control.xml /AVTransport/event.xml urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ConnectionManager:1 urn:upnp-org:serviceId:ConnectionManager /ConnectionManager/scpd.xml /ConnectionManager/control.xml /ConnectionManager/event.xml urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:RenderingControl:1 urn:upnp-org:serviceId:RenderingControl /RenderingControl/scpd.xml /RenderingControl/control.xml /RenderingControl/event.xml

UPnP devices found : 2
Device #0: ID 0x0 cocktailAudio-X45 MediaRenderer UID: uuid:0dbbfa37-75d0-4d7e-bb8f-0017B8103428 Location:
Device #1: ID 0x0 [LG] webOS TV OLED65BX9LB UID: uuid:1055f80f-03cf-7e8f-b19c-a34d57fcdf1e Location:

CoreAudio audio path, buffer I/O frame size: 0

Max. memory for audio buffers: 1712MB

Local Audio Engine:
Exclusive access: Enabled
Integer mode: Enabled

Local devices found : 3
Device #0: ID 0x58 MacBook Pro Lautsprecher Manufacturer: Apple Inc. Model UID: Speaker UID: BuiltInSpeakerDevice
Device #1: ID 0x2f SoundTap Virtual Device Manufacturer: NCH Software. Model UID: SoundTapVirtualAudioDevice_ModelUID UID: SoundTapVirtualAudioDevice_UID
Device #2: ID 0x32 Parallels Access Sound Manufacturer: Parallels Model UID: UID:

Does your device use the latest version of it’s firmware?

Yes, latest firmware.

If you don’t double click on the track and use the play button, does it behave the same?

Yes, same behavior. It is import to stop between two tracks. Your hint about the X45 let me try another UPNP player - now, the tracks are selected correctly (LG TV). That’s also the reason, that this problem is new to me - I bought the X45 a few weeks ago, and before I had a longer pause with audirvana, because I worked with BluOs (in combination with NAD amplifier).

You should contact cocktail audio about it as it seems like your device have a UPnP issue.

Thank you for support, I am already searching for firmware infos about X45. Seems to me, that the upnp protocol is not so easy to handle with, in former times I had already problems (audirvana and gold note is1000 did not work really good). And sorry for wasting your time - from your standpoint you could by angry about companies which do implement upnp correctly, and users come to audirvana then.

Nevertheless, audirvana is a very fine piece of software, best regards, Hans