Trial feedback - Audirvana is not for me right now

Hi guys, I’m running a trial version I just downloaded. Can’t I access files via a directory search/filename? I file my music according to: Genre>Artist/Composer>Album and this is also my preferred way to access them. I use tags for finer classification, so I can find lieder sung by a soprano for example, or list piano concertos, etc.

I’m currently using MediaMonkey; this software can access music according to many different criteria including file pathname. It also has excellent file tag editing. I’ll be sticking with it for the time being.

Thanks for the trial, I always appreciate try-before-you-buy.

This feature is coming. It’s one of the most requested features. I also meticulously organise my files, but in the meantime I got used to the Google style search. So much so, I don’t really miss the directory browsing functionality.

That sounds like good news. I could be persuaded to change my old Win7 PC for a WIn10 in order to run this. I do like the sound; its pretty similar to my old Logitech Transporter. I’m feeding them both through a good DAC that cleans the signal well.