Trouble using the Favorite heart icon

I have to click and click most times when I’m selecting tracks as favorites. Is there a special trick I should know? Often I’ll get the heart on, move on, only to come back to see the last track I selected was not selected again. Just too weird. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

This new Studio version sounds wonderful.

Hello @kkinnon,

Can you send some screenshot about the issue you encounter so I can try reproducing on my side?

Well it will not allow me to upload a video file. Here’s what’s happening: in the Local mode (all the titles) and I want to "save a title to “My Music” clicking on the heart is tricky at best. Sometimes one click will light it up but most of the time I click it lights up then goes off and that can happen multiple times in a row. It should be easier to click on the Favorite icon once and have it stay on. Thanks for your crack at understanding the issue.

If you send me your email address, I can send the video but you can’t upload videos to this site.

We have made an update of Audirvāna Studio today, are you able to reproduce this behavior with the 1.11 version?

Hi @Antoine, is 1.11 available already for Windows? I just tried ‘check for updates’ in AS, but it did not show.

Yes it is: Release note Audirvāna Studio 1.11.0

If you don’t get it after a restart of Audirvāna Studio, try to use this: Download - Audirvana

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Thanks. It appears you have fixed the bug.

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The manual download worked. Thanks!

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