Trying to find license key


I wish to try to new version of Audirvana, but cannot find the “license key”. I have gone to “About Audirvana Plus” but all it shows me is my order number, not the license key.

I run audioirvana 3.2.18 version and I would like to update to 3.5.
The issue trying to get the 3.5 version is that I can’t locate my license key (IOS Catalina operating system).
Could you please help?
Thank you

I sent you a private message regarding this :wink:


I have the same problem as Stevanni had.
I have A+3.2.18 and can’t find a valid license key (my Mac is running mojave).
I first bought A+ on March13th 2016 (Order reference 47984922 : that was A+ version 2 at this time, but I’ve updated to A+3.2.18 since). I kept the original mail from avangate (but can’t find any license number since that day).
Can you help me to update to A3.5 for mac?

Thanks in advance for your support


Hello again

I should have think twice :slight_smile:
I found my Licence key on 2ckeckout website.
I’m now enjoying A3.5 for mac.
Thank you Audivarna for such a beautiful new user interface.


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