"Unabe to open an audio file for playback"

Whats the big deal? AO imported my media from 3.5 automatically when I installed it and I set up my DAC settings correctly, why is it giving me this error when I’m trying to play something?

Is it a problem with the library media not importing correctly or something?

Alright, I solved it myself lol.

It was the library, or something with the media folders or my library didn’t import correctly so I deleted the media folder location and just relinked it again.

Now it’s working, SQ is different than 3.5, I think it sounds more dynamic now, exciting!

Made a mistake of installing Audirvana Origin. Always get the message “Unable to open an audio file for playback”. Spent hours searching for a solution. Seems to be an inherent problem with all of Audirvana software versions. No resolutions found anywhere. I nearly wanted to purchase the software thinking it will be a good upgrade to my Audirvana 3.5 version. Lucky for me I did not purchase it or uninstall my 3.5 version. Able to play weith my 3.5 version. Hopefully they will not stop the support for this older version hoping people will spend more money and buy the origin instead. Really dissappointed with Audirvana.

Alright, I’m assuming your had the same problem that I had, AO auto imported my media library from Audivarna 3.5 and that was the problem, the imported media did not “connect” properly to the media folder or something so I just deleted the media folder location and just relinked it again, after the library sync, music plays again.

SQ is better than 3.5 to my ears.