Unable to add downloaded music files to Library

I am using an iMac OS 10.13.6 and until recently had experienced no problems adding downloaded music files to my Audirvana library.

Recently I have been unable to sync with my Users/Home/Music folder and my iTunes playlist.

This may or may not be related to the fact that I recently switched to DSD files (converted from PCM downloads).

I was able to download one DSD file - Exile On Main Street by the Rolling Stones - on Dec. 27 but had no luck a couple days later when I tried to sync Audirvana with a few more DSD files.

Progress bars seemed to indicate successful syncs with my iTunes playlist and my Music folder but album images do not appear in my Audirvana Library.

Tried everything I could think of with no results. FWIW I upgraded to the latest software version and that didn’t fix the issue.

Please help!

can you make it more complicated…

So, you take pcm files and blow them like 4 times the weight into DSD for nothing, then you put them in itunes folder that iTunes can’t read DSD files, but in Audirvana using iTunes library syncing to mess things more, you lost the cover of those CD :slight_smile:

if they are .dff files, no tagging stick… .dsf will keep taging.

I know. It IS sort of complicated.

And I know that iTunes can’t handle DSD files. I only tried to sync with my iTunes playlist because I was having no luck syncing Audirvana to my Music folder.

And, as I mentioned I successfully added a big DSD file on Dec. 27 by adding the file to my Music folder, then syncing to the folder with Audirvana. That file plays just fine.

What went wrong?

if you don’t need iTunes or Music now in Catalina, forget it… create a folder somewhere on hard disc or external, call it whatever you want, put your music in… go to Audirvana preferences panel and delete all you have there in folder to sync… unlink itunes to Audirvana under that window i think… Quit Audirvana. Open Audirvana and add a music folder that is not the itunes one… let it load and see.

Similar problem for me. I am simply unable to add any music folder to the library. Tried dragging and dropping but it doesn’t work, however, it works when I only try to add music to queue.

Hello @MrPink,

Where are your music stored?

Both external and internal hard drives.

You need to go into library setting (click on the cog wheel on the upper right) and select one of the methods available. You can either map monitored folders or iTunes/Music sync. You can’t drag-and-drop.

Can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info”? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info Audirvana button automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

Problem solved, Damien. I was under the assumption that I would drag and drop music into library just like in iTunes.

Other than that it’s a great app, thank you!

I see, thank you. I can’t believe I didn’t see it while I was scrolling through the settings (more than once). Cognitive decline is inevitable, but at 26? Scary stuff.

Thanks again!

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Hi. I’m on Windows. I purchased and am trying to add a DSD file (album) to Audirvana. File size is 9.56 GB. The file is in C:\User\Music folder. I do not know how to add all the 5 files in the album, manually, Audirvana currently shows only 1 out of 5 tracks. I tried restarting the PC, and on start-up Audirvana showed: Scanning and Syncing, but stopped halfway thru.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Update: I figured out how to go to Library/Monitored Folders, and tried clicking on the Update (two circular arrows icon) several times: Scanning Music/Syncing Music, but halfway thru the Syncing Music progress bar, Audirvana keeps shutting off. I checked the file in Audirvana, but there was no change. What am I missing?

Update 2: I tried adding a second hi-res file also DSD 9.5 GB, with identical results. Could Audirvana have a built-in file size limit? I certainly hope not. I look forward to adding many more hi-res files, and have already purchased a lifetime license.

Update 3: 783 Mb and 1.48 GB files added to Audirvana successfully. Is there a limit to the
file size? If yes, what is it please.

Thanks again.

Yes, the file size limit on Windows is 2GB. On the Mac there is no limit.

I see.

No doubt there is a good reason for the restriction.

Might one request this as an upcoming feature? Any Windows users here?

Don’t worry, it has been requested many times already.

It’s an issue we have not find time to resolve for the moment but in the meantime you can still drag and drop this 2GB+ track in the play queue of Audirvana and you will be able to play it.

Greetings Damien3, Bitracer. I must be really slow/newbie to this, because this is literally my first day on Audirvana. Could someone please point me to some instructions as to how to play those 2GB+ files please. I really appreciate the time. Thank you in advance.

To open the play queue you need to click on the button Play Queue you can see below:

After doing this you need to drag and drop the file in it and you should be able to play it.

Thanks Damien, after dragging and dropping the (2.5 GB DSF file) into an existing file queue, and then attempting to play the DSF file, it keeps stopping and starting. I gave up. I guess I will need an alternative player for such large files? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Greetings Damien. Happy to report that Beethoven’s Ninth - DSD 256, 10 Gb for me - successfully added to the Audirvana file queue, 4 files, Audirvana behaving perfectly! I am using a Windows 10 512GB/1 TB, and my iFi NEO iDSD ultra HD DAC and headphone amp. I honesty cannot recall a more emotional moment in my audiophile journey. You make it all possible. I am delighted to have purchased the lifetime license. I look forward to staying in touch. Much gratitude and warm regards.