I’ve been a big fan for years and turned lots of people on to it. It’s only in the past year or so that I’ve been disappointed in how things have been handled to the point where I can no longer recommend it in good conscience.


So better using it till a day before end of your month of subscription, France time i guess…

Pausing subscription is a pause button or padlock :grinning:. Sorry i’m on Origin :grinning:

@Jim_F , does that fit in your mind the definition of pause? I’m no English major and do not speak French but “pause” to me means that I won’t be using the product for a while, hold my spot as I’m out of reach perhaps traveling and will not be logging in. Semantics perhaps as we have figured out what “pause” means in Audirvāna speak. There is absolutely nothing to gain by using “pause” I’m only guessing that they are allergic to the proper word that is “CANCEL” my subscription from renewal. But given my shortcomings in language skills I’m not sure :wink:

Best luck Jim👍🏻

:joy: should have a big ass cancel button but “pause” is much more ambiguous, baffle you with bull shite. Just like the stop button :stop_button: deal stubborn as a donkey with a rash, they’re not listening to the customer, tone deaf.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I paused my subscription a month or so ago, but am still able to use Studio:

I guess that the ‘pause’ is to stop automatic renewal at the end of the existing subscription, and not to pause the softwares functionality.

So my question to @Antoine is, should I decide to update to the latest version after my subscription has expired, will I automatically be charged for a single months sub or is there a period of grace available to check the new version and establish if it’s working as it should?
If the answer to the former is yes then I would have paid for a whole years subscription for flaky software which from personal experience has been plagued with problems (a fair few of them resolved, granted), and will have to pay yet again for software which may or may not prove to be as flaky?

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Certainly your covered under the friends and family, loyalty,and perseverance perks program one would think. Voluntary beta testing with appropriate feedback deserves a big thumbs up :+1:t2: Much thanks in advance sir.

Is Mr @Antoine still with the company? Haven’t seen a peep out of him in quite a while, perhaps on holiday.

I did wonder why there wasn’t the usual deluge of ‘please post you debug info…’ posts on Monday morning :rofl: :rofl:

Truly the inmates are running the asylum…….good on @bitracer and @RunHomeSlow and the other blokes keeping the ship barnacle side down, hopefully they will get overtime pay.

I’m understanding, I have for a while now……:wink:

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I hope you’re not complaining about the support we provide. :wink:

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So a refund is out of question? :joy::wink::rofl:

Your up for sainthood mate👍🏻

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No refund for you!! :rofl:

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Well let me know when you’re ready to release Studio 4.0 non subscription version, I’d be happy to purchase it. Drop the Radio and Podcast modules (as there seems little interest from the developers or users, fair enough)

With no additional content delivered only local files and streaming available just like the OG 3.5 there’s absolutely no need for a subscription imho.

I just don’t see the need for a redundancy in subscription fees especially when I see how great the Qobuz app is on Mac at least. Keep Damien’s secret sauce and quietly retire the bad aftertaste of poorly done radio implementation and redundant subscription fees.

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What?!? You should subscribe just to be part of this community. :joy:

Even those that complain, do this in a very amusing way. Some comments are hilarious. :sweat_smile:

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Jokes aside, it’s just a question of perceived value. For some it’s worth it for others it’s not.

Audirvana can’t be all things to everybody. It’s good to have some competition from other vendors.

I did my year……made parole, studio free in 2023!

Grandfathered in by 3.5 for now, just suggesting that they should play to their strong attributes…….as you say can’t be everything to everyone. Radio, Podcast and network upnp is definitely the weak side play. You will require some real depth of talent manpower and finance to play with Roon, BluOs and other hardware providers.

Seems like a good idea with origin now follow up 3.5 properly, I can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not holding my breath on it 🫡

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Major discovery this evening (July 16, 2022) with my version of Audirvana 3.5.50 (3580)!

I continue to have issues with TIDAL streaming as some track are fine but most return errors (as documented earlier in this thread).

I am subscribed to TIDAL HiFi Plus and when things work with Audirvana, files are streamed in highest quality, including MQA.

Under the Audirvana Streaming TIDAL Account settings, my account is shown as “HiFi” (no “Plus” shown). There are four(4) choices for “Limit streaming quality to.” that are: Low/High/Lossless/Master. Of course, I have always used the “Master” setting as the best fit for my TIDAL HiFi Plus account.

As an experiment, I set this option to “High” to see if it made a difference. To my surprise, every track I selected (including one that would not load before with the “Master” setting) streamed without a problem! Of course, the file format was depracated and shown as AAC.

So the difficulty with my installation of 3.5.50 would appear to be with the the choice selected for the “Limit streaming quality to” setting.

Audirvana is not really useful to me if I cannot access TIDAL streaming at the full resolution I am subscribed to!

Hopefully this may give Audirvana support a valuable hint as to why so many people are having intermittent performance streaming TIDAL.

As I have stated before, I have been considering moving to Studio but am reluctant to make a new commitment if support isn’t willing or able to keep their existing software running properly. This doesn’t give confidence that Studio will not suffer the same neglect eventually.

I hope technical support can find a permanent solution for 3.5 and would then likely move to a Studio subscription for the added features.


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That can‘t happen with the subscription model. If it does, people will just stop the subscription. With the old licensing model you ponied money in advance for indefinite use in time (as long as it works). The manufacturer has no incentive to support it indefinitely.

The old version has been discontinued for more than a year, and they even released few maintenance versions.

In another thread it seems They are aware of the issue and are waiting on Tidal to resolve as it seems to be a tidal caused issue: No MQA / Masters Streaming with Tidal Anymore - #12 by Antoine

Just chiming in to say that nothing’s changed. Tidal playback is still dicey at best and I’m still a once Audirvana evangelist turned sour about a product that doesn’t work as advertised. I’m also not trying to spark another conversation about the whys; It’s been ‘broken’ for far too long.

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