Unable to delete a folder in Audirvana library

Hi. I synchronized a folder to my library which no longer exists. I am now unable to delete the non-existant folder from the list of synchronized folders. Although admittedly a minor issue, I would still like to delete it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I support in hindsight that I should have deleted the folder in question from my library before deleting it from my PC…perhaps a note with this advice could be added to Audirvana’s documentation.

Hi @auroraaudio

I’m not sure but I would try:

  • recreate the folder in the original position (original name of course,

  • put a file in it,

  • sync Aurdivana,

  • delete sync folder in preferences/library.

See if that does the trick. My thinking is that it should automatically delete if folder not living, however, experience tells me my thinking is not the end of all things.


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