Update 2.0 release


Update 2.0 will be officially released tonight. Thank so much to everyone for your time and help.
All your messages have taken into account, even if no response has been made. More fixes and good suggestions will be made later on.

Categories related to the beta will be closed but still visible, expect for the Remote App update categories since this update will happen shortly. Don’t hesitate to contact me on the forum to participate to the beta test of the Android version (next week). iOS will arrive next.


La mise à jour 2.0 sera officiellement publiée ce soir. Merci beaucoup à tous pour votre temps et votre aide.
Tous vos messages ont été pris en compte, même si aucune réponse n’a été apportée. D’autres corrections et de bonnes suggestions seront apportées ultérieurement.

Les catégories relatives à la bêta seront fermées mais toujours visibles, à l’exception des catégories relatives à la mise à jour de Remote App puisque cette mise à jour aura lieu prochainement. N’hésitez pas à me contacter sur le forum pour participer au beta test de la version Android (la semaine prochaine). iOS arrivera ensuite.


Here the 2.0 version of Origin installed and working.
The two DACs kept their settings.
So far all ok.

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Antoine I love everything that you are doing, can’t yet work out how to stream to different chromecast simultaneously (multi-room). Is there going to be a FAQ or guide for the differences and how to apply them?
Keep doing what you are doing :grinning: :+1: :ok_hand:

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We will update the website today and we will add a link and a FAQ so you can know how to do a group of Chromecast device :wink:

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Morning @Antoine

Am I running the latest version?

We choose to not update the beta but only doing an update of the live version of Audirvāna Origin and Audirvāna Studio. This is why you won’t get the update via the beta, only with the current versions.

I see.
Thanks Antoine

There seems to have a vertical line in left part of the splash screen on first opening in the morning.
it is the black on the left part is not fill with the same tint of black on right… Same on infolettre just received. :slight_smile:

In opening a Mac Mini with no screen, if faster then wifi in login items, still say not online
exit (so Origin doesn’t open).

Asking to install every day at launch the system optimizer with mac password
(so, you need to see the screen to enter password, so, Origin won’t open again).

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It is not working for me… what settings did you change? I only want one DAC to use a plugin, the other no plugin.

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You can‘t do that yet. Just the DAC settings are memorised, not the signal path.

Its the DAC input settings and the Upsampling settings that are saved by device. If more user would like that the Processing section to be saved per device, we will see what we can do.

Above from @Antoine yesterday, apparently it’s not been done on 2.0 Not enough people have asked for this? Hopefully eventually it will be updated to make it better.

More users should petition for this basic functionality imo. It needs to include every parameter on the preferences control panel to be most useful.
Other players have this already

Agreed, any settings that are, or can be, device specific should be saved and applied as necessary.

I mistakenly assumed when they said DAC settings saved per output device that all settings would be saved, this half measure doesn’t achieve anything to streamline the ease of use. Now that we’ve had clarification and shared with @Antoine I’m hopeful that this will be up at the top of the to do list.

Pretty good progress on this update as an overall improvement :slightly_smiling_face:

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That was my interpretation, that’s why I tried it! And found it not to be.
I agree, why the half-measure, when a little more tweaking…

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Rome wasn’t burnt in a day :rofl::wink::joy:

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Just installed 2.0 automatically.
After installation I noticed a loss on detail and stage. The music is not as clear as it was with previous version.
Is there any way to return to previous version?

The sound engine in 2.0 is exactly the same as in the previous version so it should sound exactly the same. Are you sure you did not change anything in your system?
In my system the previous version and 2.0 have the same sound quality. No difference can be heard at all.


Unless some parameters in the preferences settings got reset to default I’m going to agree. One guy reported a major improvement to sound quality. Audiophile psychoacoustic placebo effect possibly? We are all susceptible to this effect I believe.

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Hi Andy

I use Audirvāna to stream from internet radio and listen to the same local station for the last year or so. They broadcast in AAC 24/48k. My speakers are in front of me on top of the desk.
I was listening when the update popped up and as usual I accepted it. The change was immediately noticeable.
No change in any settings at all.

Is it possible to reverse to previous version?