Updating the database doesn't work properly

AS 1.7.2 macOS 10.14

I have a compilation album, where all tracks have the ID3 tag “Is part of a compilation”. The Artist tag was for all tracks the same value: “Various”. No value for the ID3 tag “Album Artist”

The following supports my suspicion, that AS doesn’t build and update its database properly, what leads to the different problems I described here: Functional problems of AS

  1. I quit AS
  2. With Yate I set the different artist names for every track and set the value “Various Artists” for the ID3 tag “Album Artist”.
  3. I startet AS and synced my folder with my music. Although no track contains in any ID3 tag the value “Various”, AS shows it in the topmost field for the album:

  1. I quit AS and removed the tracks from my music folder, started AS again, synced the database (tracks are gone), quit AS, moved the tracks back in place, started AS, synced again. Now AS shows the correct ID3 tag “Album Artist”, although this tag doesn’t exist in the Info window for the tracks.

We know this behaviour from A 3.5.
@Antoine: Please refine the building of the database and its rebuilding after changes of ID3 tags.

Today I changed some album art in Yate: After syncing my database, AS doesn’t reflect these changes wether in the topmost graphics for the album, nor in search results nor in the album view in playlists: there you see the old album art. Below in the left (presently played track) the album art is correct.

@Antoine: Often we come across to rebuild the database from scratch. This means, that wie have to export all playlists and reimport them after AS read the data.
Wouldn’t it be usefull to implement a command to reread all tracks with its ID3 tags, but retain the playlists? We could name it “Deep sync”.

AS also does not update the ID3 tag for grouping

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