Upgrade from ORIGIN 1.x to 2.0. Price

I already own an Audirvana Origin 1.x license
What´s the price I have to pay to upgrade to ORIGIN 2.0 , or the upgrade is for free?
Sorry but I didn´t find this answer in the web site.

it is free

As @RunHomeSlow already mentioned it is free and it should update automatically when you run Origin 1.x. It automatically updated to 2.0 with my Origin 1.x and it did not ask for any money.

  • Full access to Audirvāna Origin’s features
  • No library size limitation (>500 000 tracks)
  • Two years min. OS compatibility updates
  • At least one feature yearly updates until 2025
  • Multiple installs (non-simultaneous use)
  • Free smartphone Remote app

The one thing i like to control, is to not update automatically… tell me that there is an update but let me decide to apply it or save things before…

Audirvana as that preference, uncheck automatically update in account preferences, just go to your web account, download the new update, backup your database, then update your soft, if not happy put back your last version that you kept…