Upgrading AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite (MacOS)

I am trying to get Audirvana working on a new/old Apple machine. The version of my new MacOS is 10.5.7. The version of Audirvana on my new machine is 3.5.30. The version of Audirvana on my old (no longer working machine) was prior to 3.5.

From an old backup I have recovered all my music files and a copy of AudirvanaPlusDatabase.sqlite. Audirvana 3.5.30 uses a V2 version of the music database. How do I convert my copy of the database to V2?

Hello @rettoo,

To convert your database you need to open Audirvana 3.2 then close it and uninstall it so it is ready for Audirvana 3.5. After doing the uninstall, open Audirvana 3.5 and the database should be converted automatically.

Thank you for the answer. Where can I find version 3.2?