Upgrading to the latest version

I have an old library built up over a long time in version 2.6 - if I update to 3.5 will I have a lot of work to do with metadata or will the transition be simple?

you can try freely and see… v3.5 create a new databse in the same folder, so it doesn’t touch the old one :slight_smile:

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Good morning,
I’m sorry but I don’t know how to ask.
My friend’s got Audirvana+. He wants to buy the new one, 3.5…
The problem is that he is not allowed to buy anything, he cannot download the trial version, he cannot upgrade at discount price. He should purchase the new version as a new member.
Any suggestion?
Federico Mozzi

Hi, I just updated to the new version 3.5.45 and there was a problem with automatically playing the next track in the album. How can I fix the error or revert to an older version?