UPnP/DLNA and Radios - Is It Working?

Do folks here have Audirvana Studio radio stations working over UPnP/DLNA?

I’ve installed a UPnP/DLNA renderer on a computer (upmpdcli on Linux), and Studio will play Qobuz and local music files to it and the connected DAC. However, it doesn’t play radio stations.

I’m wanting to know first whether this is a problem with my particular setup (likely) or whether there is a more general problem with Studio playing radio stations over UPnP/DLNA. And then of course any advice on how to solve the problem would be most welcome.

Thank you!

Hello @Jud,
It should but depending on the device you selected, you may need to go in it’s setting in Audirvāna Studio and enable this option:

Hi @Antoine -

Thank you for your suggestion, but it makes no difference. Local and Qobuz play perfectly whether or not the raw PCM setting is enabled, but radio stations are silent in either case. The controls appear to operate (the first track loading message appears, pause and play appear correctly when clicked, the lock/stop icon is locked and highlighted), but there’s no sound.

Do you have some logs from your UPnP installation when you try to play a track?

If it’s not the case, do you have a MacOS computer so we can give you a special version of Audirvāna Studio to get some logs?

I do have Studio installed on a MacOS computer (as well as one running Windows, and if you ever want to do a Linux version, that as well :slight_smile: ), so I believe I can get logs. If a special version would show more details, I would be happy to take logs from that.

How would you prefer I send the logs?

Please send me mail at support@audirvana.com, it will be more convenient.

Hi folks. For anyone interested in this topic in the future, the state of play for me at this point is that I am able to listen to radio stations with Audirvana Studio via UPnP/DLNA if upsampling is disabled.

I’ve only gotten radio working if upsampling is set to max frequency w/rBrain. But it works!

Just tested this… Audirvana on a MacBook Pro > wifi > lan switch > lumen u1 mini > chord quest > analogue… Works fine upscaling r8brain from mpg stations as well as flac stations to PCM or DSD… Did not try every combination just Power of 2 and DSD128…

This helped me when radio played one second and then stopped while albums and all via Qobuz worked perfect. Naim NDS, mac mini.

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