UPnP - proven reliable and effective solutions on Raspberry Pi?


Most of the time I would be using Audirvāna via remote access to my PC, streaming to a Raspberry Pi. I can see there have been many threads about UPnP functionality in streaming, and from what I can tell it looks like different UPnP services/apps can either make or break the remote experience. And for example, I have found Volumio UPnP to be more reliable than Moode on a RPi. I understand it depends on how robust the version or compilation of UPnP is on the distro being used. I am looking for feedback on what setups other users have found reliable for streaming via UPnP.

I would be open to ditching the Pi and buying a streamer that has robust UPnP baked in, but more the budget end of the scale. I can see the Wiim Mini is getting rave reviews, though I would probably prefer a streamer with an ethernet in. At the moment my day to day operation of this is a faff: when Audirvāna stops playing (which is frequent) I have to figure out if it’s the UPnP in Volumio, the Audirvāna ‘core’ on my Windows PC (I access this via Remote Desktop app from my iPad), my Raspberry Pi or the iOS remote app. If I wasn’t so happy with the sound of Audirvāna I would probably just give up.

If anyone is using a Raspberry Pi as a streaming destination via UPnP and has landed on a robust solution, please let me know. Or a reasonably priced streamer with UPnP reliably baked in.

Thanks! :grin:

Dietpi here, chosen as it has some Allo software which let me do the initial config via a web page. I have the Allo spdif hat on the pi.
It’s been very reliable but I have no experience of any of the other distros. Everyone has thier favourite.


DietPi or Ropieee XL with Allo hardware is generally a good solution. Volumio used to be also compatible, but they’ve gone the OpenHome route in the meantime which is not compatible with Audirvana.

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RopieeXL ist very reliable with RPi4 and Allo digi one hat as already mentioned above. Switch to Kernel streaming in audirvana.

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Many thanks to all for your replies! :grinning:

Here, GentooPlayer v8 with Kernel 6.1.1 CLTO used as Diretta Target
Audirvana use Asio Diretta Driver.
Sublime. (far far better than DietPi)
gentooplayer audio linux optimized - home (gentooplayers.com)
GentooPlayer - Forum - Audiophile Style
But you have to be a little geek… But if you use Rpi…
With Diretta no more issue UPnP

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I‘ve got Diretta/GentooPlayer working nicely with Roon, but not with Audirvana Studio. I never figured out why it wouldn’t work with AS.

Hi OP, does your song stops in the middle of the play? Or after a certain amount of time? If yes I can tell you what’s the issue.

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Hi @drg - thanks for this and apologies for the late reply. Yes, it does stop partway without warning. Is it possibly buffer time related? Thanks for taking the time to post.

Same here. Using whatever UPNP endpoint, AS stops unpredictably. If you have a solution/workaround, highly appreciated!

I can see the Wiim Mini is getting rave reviews, though I would probably prefer a streamer with an ethernet in.

Have you checked out Wiim Pro? It satisfies your Ethernet requirement. I’m interested in one myself, particularly when Qobuz Connect is released later this year.

Unfortunately, I too have suffered greatly with trying to make AS work with Upnp. I ended up getting an older Mac mini and have my USB DAC direct connected to it running Studio. Running direct like this, I no longer have any issues. That said, it would be great if I could get it to use upnp again.

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Well, I got the Wiim Pro, and tried out Upnp with the latest version of Origin. Unfortunately, the same problems cropped up, so it’s back to a direct connect from the old mac mini.

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Belated thank you for this. What a shame that it hasn’t worked out with the Wiim Pro.

I’ve just bought a new licence to the upgraded Audiolinux to stick on a Raspberry Pi 4B. It does a whole lot of options including UPnP - hopefully I’ll be able to get it to work. You never know.