Upsample DSD or power of 2?

Connected to an Oppo 205 should the upsampling be DSD or power of 2? Thanks for any help

If you have to, go with the ^2. At this point it’s more about personal preference rather then fidelity, so try all options to see what you prefer.

Thanks for your comment. I am very new to this area and is almost impossible to do a double check because my set up

Don’t upsample… deactivated it


Sorry but I am not an expert at all, why I shouldn’t upsample?

Earlier you said tough to make double check… with upsampling you need to adjust the settings of it, so if you don’t know what does those sliders do, and tough for you on top of that the double check, go simpler and enjoy your music like it was intend to be :grinning:

Thanks so much for your help