Upsampling rate setting ignored

My current Audirvana configuration outputs to a virtual audio device (Blackhole) that is fixed to 96kHz sampling rate. Consequently, I select 96kHz as max rate for the device, and select “conversion to PCM” for DSD tracks, In the upsampling settings I select “device maximum frequency”.

Upsampling to the device max frequency (96kHz) works for everything but DSD tracks. With DSD tracks, I get 88.2kHz. As a result, the tracks play too fast. Is this a bug?

As work-around I can select “custom” in the upsampling settings, and choose 96kHz for all source rates. This will give me 96kHz for everything, including DSD tracks. However, I feel that I shouldn’t have to do this, and upsampling to the device maximum frequency should do just that.

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