Upsampling to DSD doesn't work

While testing the device management feature I noticed that the upsampling to DSD doesn’t work when selecting upsample to DSD or upsample to devices max resolution if the device supports DSD. The file is just played in the native resolution.

If the DAC is not DSD capable, the upsampling works as expected.

Normally I don’t upsample, but just wanted to check which settings are preserved in the device profile.

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During your testing, have you used UPnP or USB connection to your device?

USB, haven’t tried UPnP yet.

Ok, I reproduce this, will come back as soon as possible about this.

MIne works fine. WIN 10 x64. Upsampling power of two works fine.
To DSD up to 256 USB works on IFI ZEN signature on ASIO, SOX and r8brain UPnP on IFi Stream works up to DSD 256

It’s a MacOS only related issue :wink:

The issue has been fixed on our side, we will do an update of the beta ring next week.


me i’m not upsampling,
but my prefs of DSD always revert to ‘convert to pcm’ when i restart Studio,
never done that before beta…
but if i stop the music and go to prefs and put back DSD over PCM 1.0 it plays that album in DSD…
macOS Ventura beta 9…