Upsampling to DSD in advance

After lots of fiddling I came to the conclusion that the biggest problem with Audirvana running on a Mac Mini is I/O, not CPU/RAM.

My 2012 4-core Mac Mini has a horribly slow internal hard drive.

I switched to an external thunderbolt drive but it still “choked” now and then, especially when upsampling to DSD128.

I also noticed that the metadata, search and album art would take forever to load.

I solved it with a 30$ 256gb external USB SSD from Amazon. The difference is night and day.

I keep my OS and Audirvana database on the SSD, and the tracks are on an external drive in RAID0.

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ia , hi!

Can you tell me what SOX parameters you use? Thanks in advance!

These are my settings currently:

Thank you so much, @odedia Ill test it.