USB to studio

Excuse the ignorant question, trying to play music files from a USB connected to my router. Is this possible and if so, what is the procedure?

Hello waves,

the procedure depend on couple variables, what kind of router, drive and Computer you are using.
There is no procedure what works for all.

In generell you need to mount the USB drive to your Computer as Network-Drive and add to Audirvana as a Location.

I use this on my Office PC and this works very well.

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So, you can’t just pug in the USB stick / drive and in Audirvana select a folder on that drive, the same as if it was on your internal drive?

Thanks for the replies, it’s working. Much appreciated.

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Hi reddog1,

as i know Audirvana index the folder you add to it. It store the path with Drive Location in the Database. If you this keep the same you can use a USB Drive. But if the Drive Letter or Path change I think Audirvana lose the connection and not recognize a new Path. I don’t know if there is a easy way to update the Drive Letter or Path in Audirvana.