Using Audirvana with Sonore

I am thinking about buying one of the devices made by Sonore, but cannot quite picture how the components of the system need to be connected. At the moment, Audirvana is running on an older Mac mini, and my music files are stored on a NAS. A USB cable connects the Mac mini to a Benchmark DAC. I really want to get the Mac mini out of the system and to connect the NAS to the DAC. I am willing to run Audirvana on my newer PC laptop, provided I do not need to connect the laptop to the system with a cable (that is, Ethernet or USB). Is my goal possible? Thank you.

If you want to buy a Sonore product and connect to your PC, you can connect the Sonore product to your local network with a Ethernet cable and you will be able to connect your computer to it.

Can the PC be connected using wi-fi, or is that a question for Sonore? Thank you.

Yes, as long as both the PC and Sonore device are on the same logical network.

I appreciate your quick reply. Thank you.

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