Version 3.4.5 fixed the problem. Thank you Audirvana1

Hola. I wrote wrong the version. It is 3.2.5
Now I am enjoying the beautiful sound of Audirvana again, but better. The new filter SoX is giving much clear and better sound overall. Thanks again Audirvana!
Happy listening!

Dear Roberto,
I tried to upgrade my Audirvana (MQA).

I downloaded v3.2.5. but it wanted my license xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx code
I put it but it wanted my registration
I tried to registrate again but NO POSSIBLE I already have registration

Now I have two Audoirvana in my Mac
AUDIRVANA PLUS 2 - v2.5.4 - it still operates
AUDIRVANA PLUS - v3.2.5 (today) - it is asking for license - not possible (refused, need to registrate ?!)

Many thanks

Try dehautorize 2.5.4 first in A+ file menu,
Then quit and open 3.2.5 and register back