Very slow open of SACD ISO from a network drive


I recently discovered audirvana and it’s truly amazing application! It’s sound is really great.
One issue that I found is that when opening an sacd iso from a network drive, the app is frozen for about 40-60sec.
Even skipping to next track has the same problem.

The same issue is present on mac as well.

If I copy the iso to a local, the lag is ~5sec.
Both network drive and my computer are connected with a lan cable to a gigabit switch and network speed in copying files is ~80Megabytes/s average.

If I open the same ISO from a network drive in foobar, playback is almost instant.

There’re two questions in regards to this:

  • As a mitigation of the issue, could you make IO to not block UI?
  • Is it a known issue and will there be a fix?


I have this issue too and it is very annoyng.
Could someone reply if a known problem and if there will be a fix ?

Hello @Amedeo_De_Longis,

Can you send me this file at [email protected] so we can try to reproduce the issue?

Hi Damien3.
This happen with all my ISO Sacd.
Really do you want that i send an iso sacd in email ?
It is about 3.5 giga !!

Something sent.
Let me know if i can do something else.

We received your file properly and we have been able to reproduce your issue. We will work on it to solve this issue. In the meantime you can split your ISO in multiple files, this will lower the latency and allow you to edit the metadata of the files. You can use the tool form sonore to do the split:

Many many thx @Damien3
I am happy the you can reproduce the issue and solve in future update.

The problem persist.
You first message was from Sep’18
It’s really annoying.
Maybe it’s difficult do implement it on the software, i don’t know.
Others can open it at the click.