VST3 folder manually


I’m a musician/composer and my VST3 placed in another SSD disk.
I know some DAWs and it seems Audirvana just check VST3 if placed on
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

for this reason I created symlink and it was working until A.S.

SO, is it possible to change the destination of the VST3 folder in AS ?.
Audirvana refused to read symlink
I have a large number of VST3 I don’t need A.S to check all my database but just go to Sonarworks SoundID.

Thank you for your help if you already solve this problem or I missed something

Hello @oleoproteus,

Do you mean the symlink worked with he 3.5 version of Audirvana? What about your other DAWs, they do not have this issue at all?

Bonjour Antoine
I never used the 3.5 so I don’t know, but I’m using Reaper Cubage Pro, cakewalk and studio one and tried all the Daws in the market without any problem.
With A.S If I keep the symlink on the folder, nothing happened, it remains on checking the Vst3
SO I Deleted the symlink, boom it works and I can use SoundID.
So it needs the original file, at least on my machine

Try creating a symlink Junction instead of a symbolic link

mklink /J “C:\Programs Files\Common Files\VST3” “PATH TO YOUR VST3 FOLDER”

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