Vst3 plugins what is it?

Ok guys newbie here still trying to learn,and by the way thank all you guys for being so eager to educate me I really appreciate it so the question is please explain what vst3 does and the advantages of it ,where to get it,and which is the proper ones thanks in advance D

Here is thread about plug ins , I use one for a hearing imbalance issue I have. I only use it with headphones otherwise with speakers I just run it flat.

This is the one Jacob turned me on to its great for separate right left correction

Thanks offroad

VST gives the possibility to influence the signal. If you google on VST3, you will find a lot of free and paid options.

Equalizer, room correction, compressors, vintage tube or tape emulation, vintage EQ emulation, pitch control, analysis options, dithering, etc.

I use Dirac for room correction and Airwindows Ditherbox for dithering.
And for playing MusicScope for analysis, ProQ3 as EQ, for fun the emulation of tape or tubes.

As you can see in the workflow, the VST is before the upsampling and volume control.


Hello Jacob

are you using the Realtime control for your VST3 ?
It crashes on my PC, at least with SoundId and Bluecats audio plugins

Thank you

Usually I use realtime to get the settings right and when I’m happy put it offline. Realtime is not possible via UPnP.

So it means it works on your machine but not on mine. I will try ProQ3
btw I’m not using UPnp, I read from my local SSD.

I’m in trial period , I like what I hear and it’s a phenomenal help for my own composition but I have to admit it’s very very very difficult to setup Audirvana. My goal is to be able to make the Eq adjustement when mastering, if I can’t use the realtime , it’s a shame.

Jacob, is it no realtime upnp or DSD or both?

PCM files from a local SSD are no problem. DSD files are not possible. If you have the DSD files converted to PCM by Audirvana first, it is possible.

And as far as I know, Damien is working on applying real-time processing over UPnP. But it’s kind of inconvenient because of buffers that you load and then want to hear in real time when a setting changes. He told something along these lines a while ago in an interview on AudiophileStyle.

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Very good, I’m having a issue here it seems :grimacing:

Do you already have an issue or is it coming with a planned update?

The latter, nothing major I don’t think. Going to get it to Antoine asap

Processing does work over UPnP. Just not real time.

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