Waveform seek bar

Comparing to other players look Roon or Foobar2000 I really miss waveform seek bar in Audirvana. Adding it would not only enhance UI and look of Audirvana but is also useful when navigating around particular track.

Yes please Audirvana!

Can see the loudness of a track and how much dynamic range there is.

Foobar 200 has some amazing components - which do not work on mac and so would love to see some of these here.

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I’ve added to my music library a set of longer tracks, and waveform seek bar is a badly needed feature. The only real drawback of Audirvana for me currently.

You can maybe overcome this using cue sheets.

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@bitracer thank you for a tip. Indeed it may work, but still this is partial solution only and feels more like a workaround.

The thing is that wave form seek bar is not a very complex task (unless internally there is something that makes it hard), especially if you compare other Audirvana features. This is the only thing that Roon offered to me that I miss all the time in Audirvana. I can’t image why would anyone wouldn’t like to have it included in Audirvana too.

If you have ReplayGain enabled it’s already calculated. It’s probably just a matter of presenting it.