What plans are there to support Amazon music HD and ultra HD?

Today I only found out about Amazon offering hires music (ultra HD), price wise this is the cheapest hires music offering and I can imagine will become very popular. I’m going to sign up for it later today for the free trial to test.

Are there any plans to support Amazon music in audirvana ?

Hello @AvaGoodDay,

Because they are Amazon, we believe their new HD service will contribute to promote quality audio, and we support that in general. So we are open to integrate their service into Audirvana, but that is the only thing we can say so far.

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Thanks for the reply, well having played a few tracks from Amazon HD music I’m totally blown away, the sound is so open and lively, they appear to have the catalog of Tidal without MQA which I’m no fan of. I think Amazon might soon be shaking up the music streaming scene like they’ve done with the way we now shop - default being Amazon. Tidal and Qobuz had better watch out because Amazon HD music is what I’ve wanted, no hip hop forced on me, no MQA and a full catalog of popular music instead of a classic slant like on Qobuz with a limited catalog. No compression / FLAC files and not only all that they’re cheaper than the competition, I’m sold already.

I am currently in the trial period with your amazing software and like the previous contributor, I would like to add my support for including the streaming of Amazon Music HD. I have been totally impressed with all the Ultra HD music I have played on the service, but as you know, your software is the only way to get the highest quality with my digital streamer. The Amazon catalogue is expanding all the time and more effort has been put into directing users to the highest quality tracks through specialised playlists, etc. I think it would be a very worthy addition to your product.

Add me to the list of Audirvana owners wanting Amazon HD music support. This service does something Tidal simply doesn’t allow–you can download your music and listen offline on your COMPUTER, not just on a portable device. You can even use a flash drive to store the downloaded files. The minute I realized you could do this on Amazon, I ran out and bought a 256 gb flash drive and dumped Tidal the same day.

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Yes please add me to the list of customers wanting you to add support for Amazon hd

Another one! Spain offers, since yesterday, Amazon Music HD. Please add Amazon Music! Thanks

I’m assuming from kr11048’s post that you can store songs on a flash drive that have been added to your library but not purchased? If so, can somebody please explain how this is done, as I downloaded a couple of albums but they do not show up in my Download Location - thanks!

You won’t see the songs there because of course they are super encrypted, but if you try to play them with your internet off, they will play within the Amazon Music app.

Thanks, yes I have done that already. Maybe I misinterpreted your post though, because I thought you were saying you had also stored the files on a flash drive?

No I just designated the flash drive as my download location

Cheers, thanks for clearing up