When using Remote first few bars of music very fragmented

When streaming from Tidal/Qobuz Using the Audirvana Remote to Devialet Phantoms the first few bars of music are very disjointed. Once through this phase the rest of the track plays without a hiccup. This seems to point to some sort of Network issue but I’m not sure why the majority of the track plays fine. This seems to happen whether it is a 16bit or 24 bit track that is being streamed. Are there any options available that might eliminate the initial stuttering? I’m using a 2019 iMac running the latest version of Catalina to a pair of Devialet Phantoms running DOS 2.

Update: It also stutters when playing back directly from the iMac to the Phantoms as well as the remote. I have now tried varying the Low level play back option (now set at 15Mb) and also the System optimiser which prioritizes Audirvana but sadly this doesn’t seem to have changed things. At one point I lost all sound on all apps and I had to contact Apple who assisted in remaking the audio preferences files and managed to get sound back to the iMac. When I then played through Audirvana there was initially no sound. This was with the Audirvana Network setting to Wifi which is what was set when it was working. By chance I switched to a Network setting of Ethernet and hey presto I got sound out of one Phantom. This was strange as the Phantoms are not directly wired to ethernet although the now legacy (because of DOS 2) Dialogue is wired to ethernet and this is plugged into the same socket board as the Phantoms …so I assume the signals are somehow getting through (sorry I am not very technical)?As I was only getting sound through one Phantom and all audio preferences had been remade I went though the http: Devialet Configuration pages to reset network name and passwords of the Phantoms but this didn’t work. After multiple Phantom unplugged resets I managed to get a working pair albeit with the stuttering. So the current situation is I get the stuttering, usually at the start but sometimes extending into the track, I am using Tidal and Qobuz free trials on Masters and Studio, Audirvana has been optimised (I think) and is using a Network Ethernet setting even though the Phantoms are not wired. When not stuttering the sound is fabulous!! Any advice welcome!

Update: I now have a solution. I created a new dedicated network. I then restricted streams to 24 bit 96khz In Audirvana and this seems to do the trick. If tracks sampled at 192Khz are played then the skipping returns but 96 is more than adequate for 66 year old ears! Fingers crossed for some stability

After a morning of listening to super sound, on starting a second session later the skipping and stuttering returned. Not sure what to try now…any ideas?

You might want to try connecting via optical cable. Just get an USB to TOSLINK converter.

Thanks for the idea. At present the iMac with Audirvana installed is one floor above my Devialet Phantoms so not sure having a long Toslink cable is viable. However, I am moving house in the next month or so and and will either trying bringing the Mac and Devialet’s closer together or getting ethernet wiring installed. Thanks for taking the time to reply. As a newbie to hires I really appreciate you advice.