Where are my radio favorites?

Where have my radio favorites gone, once again my hand-created radio stations disappear under my music! Sorry, but I don’t feel like using Audirivana Studio anymore.
Every time the work is done and then the favorites are simply gone without having changed anything, which is very annoying.

Everything in the favorites with over 20 is gone after the restart! It sucks

And the funny thing is that other people’s favorites appear :slight_smile:

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Hello, same thing here.

After creating a new one and restarting Audirvana, the radio favorites are empty again.
Version 2.6.5 (20605)

Goog Morning

I just added 26 stations to my favorites, Audirvana quit, restarted them all and disappeared again!
The version I have is
Audirvana Studio 2.6.5 (20605)

macOS 14.2.1 with 128GB physical RAM

This is probably a technical problem! The station is marked as a favorite in the radio list but no longer appears in the list of favorites!

Hi, this morning they are back! thanks.

Are the favorites stored in the local DB?

Good morning, no, the radio station favorites are probably only syncronized with the account.
A local data backup that I played back doesn’t bring any improvement, the channels are gone!

Hi guys, I will ask Airable about this. I know they are investigating the connection issue we have with them but I don’t know if the issue you have now is linked to the broader connection issue with their servers.

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