Where do these Disc # come from

They are not in the tags in the audio files, I see this quite often . This is one example where the album is split and often not in numerical order as in this example.

Rory Gallagher- Taste - On the Boards

Audirvana only reads the tags, there is some erroneous tagging, use meta editor to check. Yate is recommended on here, I believe.


Hi @MikeO

My guess would be that all tracks have a disc number assigned to them (Disc 1), whilst ‘Taste’ doesn’t.
As @reddog1 has mentioned, Yate would appear to be an extremely popular tagging software amongst users on here. I use ID Tag Editor from dBPoweramp which is also excellent.


Not the case, this is how JRiver sees the field metadata. I am on Windows 10 so Yate is of no use being Apple only.

It was the first thing I checked using 2 tag editors, The Disc # must be coming from somewhere else ?

It’s a great album!

Even scanning with SongKong doesn’t introduce any additional Disc # fields from MusicBrainz


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Maybe you have already checked that but:

  • Are all the tracks in the same directory?

  • Check if the fields Album Artists, Artists and Album title are exactly the same in all the tracks (even if they look the same there can be hidden spaces behind or in front of them).

  • Try to fill the field Disc# in all the tracks with ‘1’.

Maybe you tried it all already, but the points above are the most common reasons (in my experience) why albums are not grouped correctly.


Or this?

Free trial, and comes with ID Tag Editor.

Hi @MikeO

This has happened to me.

I work out the true order of tracks (from booklet or interweb) and go to the metadata editor and change all tracks to correct order 1/12, 2/12 etc and also alter dicsc to 1/1

Try it. It’s great fun.

(Yes. No children or girlfriend. )

Thanks , I have several ways of doing what you suggest external to Audirvana , but the order , disc # etc need no attention as in the example above

Track 2 looks like

Track 1

and external metadata editor does not show any Disc # in any of the files , this is quite common with a single CD.

Hence my question where does it come from ??

Yes all in same directory (in this cases name 1970 - On The Boards) as are all my albums

Artist = AlbumArtist in each case, same Album Name as shown above.

JRiver would indicate if there was a mixed value , it doesn’t, this is the combined album set of tracks

The Disc# is the same in all cases albeit Blank, I will make it 1 externally and see

I am pretty sure this is being set outside of my file metadata.

In my experience, Audirvana doesn’t invent metadata, it reads it. Somewhere there is a an erroneous detail.
One fix I’ve used is to copy the metadata for album title from one track, and paste it into all other tracks, then save. This guarantees no discrepencies.


As it should be

Setting the Disc# to 1 rather than empty does it , but that is how may albums show.

The next question is why would one track only be affected when all tracks had an empty Disc #.

I will find another example and repeat the exercise

Still confused

It happens, sometimes the error is not obvious.

I am using 3 Tag editors, JRiver, Tag&Rename and TagScanner

All show the same data, I look in the metadata editor of AS and get a different set of data


The Disc 1 of 1 doesn’t show in the other 3 editors ,and Track 9 is segregated into a separate Disc

Which is correct ? Can my 3 be wrong ?

Once again setting the Disc# to 1 of 1 cures the splitting

Yep, it’s certainly a conundrum Mike :thinking:
I wonder if good old Musicbrainz might be adding some spurious info to your tags?

It is indeed a conundrum

I have the settings switched off

and I don’t use any automated tag writing apps, anything in tags either came that way or was manually edited.

It certainly makes playing these 2 albums interesting !

Well, the answer is alien to me too and I’ve tried several external metadata editors and have never gotten them to work. But, in Audirvana I can do it.

Change all tracks to 1 disc of 1 and the tracks should (by my experience) fall I to order. If not in order I reorder them according to the booklet etc.

I’ve investigated the source of those erratic metadata from suppliers of my downloads but never have gotten an answer. I assume the original recordings/metadata was wrongly labelled.

The errors often are mixed up when two or three discs (CDs) are combined into one download.

I have the most curated Audirvana albums you can imagine. And it’s taken me years to get them organised. Now, as I add an album I organise it immediately and… make two back-ups, so I have three external hard discs of my complete album library.


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