Where is Izotope in Audirvana Studio?

In Audirvana 3.5 was for me Izotope with right settings for me important to get a most natural sound…
In Audirvana Studio I have found Sox and another new for me filter, but Izotope has been droped, I Think. Or do I miss something?
For me Audirvana would be a better option versus Roon because of the sound quality. So, why no more Izotope?

Indeed, seems like Izotope is gone. No idea why, but I had been using SOX for a while recently. You should give r8brain a try, I really like what I’m hearing.

Hello @Syrinx and @Musicophile,

We do not support Izotope anymore as we replaced it for a more recent and robust algorithm. SoX and r8brain are now our only upsampling algorithm supported in Studio.


Oké, Damien, thank you. But in Audirvana 3.5 it still works, if I am right? In the past I compared in 3.5 Sox with Izotope and found that for me the sound was better with Izotope. Perhaps ot is also the specific dac that is used. In my case RME ADI 2 dac with the filter SD LD.

In 3.5 Izotope still works.

Un grand merci, Damien.

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