Where is update 1.,4 for Windows

Where is the uodate?and from the screen shots I have seen it Appears the Mac version has many more options to edit album and artist info and deleting albums?

When 1.4 was released last week for the Mac it was mentioned that the Windows version would take a few days.


Waiting for 1.4 for Windows as well. Since 1.4 runs really nice on my Mac. I have a Mac and Windows laptop. :slight_smile:

But my guess is, it’s not ready yet.

I am also waiting for 1.4. I assume it is coming very soon but who knows, not us apparently.

Yep. That announcement is already 6 days old and still no 1.4 for Windows. My 1.3 version is still analysing, but keeps crashing every hour. I wish I could stop the analysing process (because it seems that is the course of crashing). From the time of installation until now I have not been able to use AS in a normal way. I have taken a year subscription (50 euro’s because I own 3.5), because I thought this would be solved in a reasonable amount of time. Now I am not so sure if I made the right decision.

I have taken the 3.5 discounted yearly sub to AS as well. And that was before trying out AS on my Mac.

I’ve been using the Windows version since 1.0 and the Mac version from 1.3 onwards. Windows version still hasn’t completed analyzing here. It keeps freezing after around 15% completed, and restarts every single time after killing Audirvana through the Task Manager. Otherwise the program won’t exit normally.

The Mac version on the other hand runs fine here. Doesn’t freeze or crash. Can exit the program normally. It finished the audio analyzing in one go. It works like it should.

So for me the 50 Euro is ok, but 70 would have been too much. Not sure what I’ll do next year though when my current sub will expire in late May.

I don’t have a Mac, so my experience is only with AS for Windows. Sofar not good. If the lack of support and communications and updates stays the way it is now, I am done with AS. AS is only one of the choices. I also have Roon and can always fall back on FB2K which (as it stands now) is better than AS and it is free.

I thought AS would be a nice alternative to Roon or Foobar, but until now (I am sorry to say) it does not come close.

I can understand your reasoning. If there only was a Windows version of Audirvana available. I wouldn’t subscribe either in the state it’s currently in. Well not entirely true. Since I actually subbed before testing AS out on my Mac. So I was pleasantly surprised with how well it runs on macOS.

I’ve tried Roon as a trial. But that program just isn’t for me.
So yeah decided to give AS a shot, as I’ve been using 3.5 without problems on both Mac and Windows over the last 3 years. And the discount is what made me decide to subscribe. Even though I’m not a fan of subscribing when it comes to a single program instead of a service like Apple One or Qobuz. Which I both have.

I’ve toyed around with Foobar in the past. It’s a neat program. Using TuneBar as well on Windows next to A3.5. It’s cheap. Or free if you have a small library. And it sounds really great.

Yes there are a lot of free and/or cheap alternatives on Windows. The SQ of Foobar is very good (a lot of tweaking is needed with a lots of plugins). But after that the SQ comes very close to Audirvana 3.5 (and is better than Roon).

Roon is not for me either. I subscribed for a year, but I am not going to prolong it. The SQ is not as good as Foobar or A3.5 and the whole ‘experience’ like browsing through a webpage and reading all the info (for me) is a novelty, but I don’t use it that much.

Basically I still can use Audirvana 3.5 (which works well on Windows with some small bugs), Foobar and some other programs I use.
AS has a long way to go before I will use it regularly. But who knows, maybe I am wrong and AS will be a very good program in the future. Wait and see…


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7 days and still no 1.4 update for Windows. My Windows version is still not done analysing and still crashes about 4 to 5 times a day. I have a subscription, otherwise my trial period would have been over. I am paying now for an unusable program.

I just got a message in AS 1.3 Windows that update 1.4.5 is available. When I press the ‘update’ button I get this message:

@Damien3 Error in XML installation file?

Andy, have you tried downloading AS as for a trial rather than as an update?

I can try that. But basically that would be a new install. I am afraid that my whole music library (and analysis process) has to start all over again…

Ok I tried. I logged in on the site with my account and downloaded a fresh copy of AS (via the assistance page). When I try to install that I get the same error. I have send a mail to [email protected].

Now I am glad that my mails to the so called customer supprt have been ignored for weeks. I asked to restore my customer account (3.5) to get the discount for AS. No success and I felt screwed as a customer. For me AS is dead as a doornail, if only because of this pathetic customer support.

I have been using foobar2000 for years and have set it up to my needs during that time.

The subscription price I saved I invested in Tune Browser (only 24.09 €). I had never heard of this app before and I am thrilled with the sound quality, the user interface, the many sorting functions and the speed with which my 40,500 tracks synced flawlessly.

Farewell AS, wish you luck, you will need it in my opinion.

I uninstalled AS 1.3, downloaded a fresh 1.4.5 version and still got the same error. After that I deleted the directory with the AS sqlite database in it. AS 1.4.5 now installed without errors. This means that my music library has to be rebuild completely and that the analysis process also has to start from scratch again…

You must reinstall Studio to get the latest version 1.4.5 a true pain but it works

Thanks. Yes I just got a reply from [email protected]. I could have made a backup of the sqlite database and put that back, but I was too quick :wink:
Is there a sticky page on this forum to warn users about it? I could not find it, or maybe it was not there yet when I looked for it.

I now see there is a sticky page on the forum with the installation information.

What I have found is you cannot sort out your sorting criteria it doesn’t work anymore. it stuck in composer mode ughhh