Which DNLA renderer is 100% reliable with A+

I would like to stream my music (flacs and Tidal) from my PC (running the latest version of Audirvana) to my dedicated dac wirelessly, via an optical connection.

I think the simplest solution is to buy a small Raspberry-Pi-like box that would be used as a bridge between Audirvana and the dac.

There are so many options and softwares (Raspberry Pi, HIfiberry, Allo, Diet Pi, Volumio)… this is very overwhelming. I do not code… so I want an easy solution.

More importantly, I want a solution that will be 100% compatible with the A+ running on my PC. I have read that UPNP and DNLA connections are… so so… not so reliable.

Is there, out there, one solution (box & software) that works?


I have an (old) Raspberry Pi 2b with Hifiberry Digi+ Pro feeding my KEF LSX through Toslink and an Allo USBridge feeding my Wired4Sound DAC.
Both devices are running Dietpi (https://dietpi.com) which is relatively easy to install on the Pi and came preinstalled on the Allo. I do update the Dietpi from time to time so I have the latest version.
I have enabled GMediaRender on both devices and that works really great. I’m using both systems with Audirvana all the time.

Great! I think I will go with the Hifiberry Digi + Pro (with toslink output) with Pi 4.

Can you please confirm that all I have to do is install dietpi on the Pi 4? Then, I just leave the Hifiberry box on 24/7… and Audirvana will always automatically see it as an output.

In other words, I do not have to program the Raspberry Pi to be seen by Audirvana?

What is the use of the GMediaRender? Is this a necessary element that needs to be added?


Yep, that is basically it.

  1. install Dietpi on the RPi
  2. install the Hifiberry hat
  3. run dietpi-config and under Audio Options choose the Hifiberry as your sound card.
  4. run dietpi-software and enable GMediaRender (checkbox)
    GMediaRender is the UPnP server that talks to Audirvana and vice versa.
    That’s it. Audirvana should automatically show your dietpi as an endpoint.

Thanks, dabizi. Very useful! :wink:

I will do some readings on the Deitpi UI.

One more thing… you can let the box running 24 hours a day… 7 days a week?

Yep, mine are lying behind a cabinet or mounted under my desk. I never touch them.

And another thank you :slight_smile: Based on your instructions, I set up my new Raspberry Pi with Hifiberry Digi + Pro quickly, even though I have zero experience with RPI or Linux. Audirvana running on my Mac Mini immediately found “gmediarender.” Can’t wait for the weekend to properly test how it sounds :smiley:

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