Which ports do I need to open?

Unless I disable my ESET firewall on my Mac Book Pro I cannot connect to the remote app on my iPhone.
Can you please advise the ports I need to open to make this work.

I don’t use Remote but if you check “Debug Info” will find something like

So maybe this is the port (65083)

I don’t think it’s a good idea to allow also in your router, not necesary, also may be a security risk.

Note: check YOUR debug info, this is just an example taken from the forum for reference.

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Thanks, most useful. You inspired me to also get the log files from my firewall and I now appear to have remote working.

Agree btw I’m not opening the ports up to the world outside - far too risky.

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I find software firewalls (especially Windows’, but even ESET’s) extremely irritating, because they just never seem to learn all about which service is doing what. But I’m using UPnP/DLNA (Audirvana in one room broadcasting over optical Ethernet to an endpoint attached to a DAC in another room), thus more network communication when I’m listening, so YMMV.

Because of this and other apps that seem to constantly trigger the ESET firewall with internal home network communication (I recently set up new routers - boy was that fun!), I just wind up turning the thing off, relying on doing a good job with my hardware firewall. But people who can get the ESET firewall to shut up most of the time would probably do better to keep it on.

I’m on Windows for 20+ years. Because most of the time I had weak computers I usually disabled some services including Windows Firewall. I usually not have an active AV - performance is more important than security.


  1. I’m the only user of my computer. Nobody else touch it.

  2. I enter only sites that I trust. Also I use AdGuard and a 700k hosts file.

  3. I usually don’t install new software. I know what I need and the list is stable.

If I enter a suspicious site or connect an usb device connected elsewhere run an AV scan. Immediately.

From my experience following this guidelines will result in a perfect Windows experience. At least this is for me most of the time. I don’t want to say an AV or firewall is not good (I also prefer ESET, not give stupid false alarms all the time). For most people is necesary.