Wi-Fi speakers with dacs plus the use of wasapi or asio

With Audirvana on my PC, I’ve chosen my paired Wi-Fi speakers for left/right stereo under the “network” heading with excellent success. The 2 speakers have 24/96 dacs in each.

1)There is still an option for WASAPI or ASIO or REALTEK ASIO on the “DAC” heading directly above the network heading. Which of those (wasabi, asio, or Realtek asio) should I choose in general for best and/or more direct sound along with the network selection of the paired speakers?
2)I use all 16/44.1 files. Is the idea to let the SOX filter do the 24/96 upsampling before being transmitted to the network speakers so that the speakers “see” 24/96 upon arrival or should the files be sent to the wi-fi speakers unaltered (16/44.1) and let the internal dacs in the speakers do the upsampling?

Hello @rmillet, we recommend you to use the wasapi driver for your speaker and enable upsampling with the option “power of 2”. In fact you should enable it since its your computer that make the upsampling and not your speaker so it will ease the use of your speaker to get the best performance you can get of them :wink:

OK. I’ve got it. Thank You. I also have the same latest version of Audirvana with the same library on this MacBook
Pro as well as a late version MacMini both with fully updated Catalina. All 3 units have 32GB RAM. I’ll use “power of 2” on them also. I think I saw on the website that “DSD over PCM 1.0” was advantageous, but could be wrong. Could this make a difference on standard Redbook type files or should this be disabled or does it matter? The sound has been great with all three. I’ve been able to eliminate a ton of cabling and hardware from my living room since I’ve been trying these self-contained wi-fi speakers in paired left/right mode. It seems the sound gets clearer and better, the simpler I go. Maybe the reduction of hardware interfaces has something to do with it. Also great to have freed up receptacles. It’ll be interesting to see if wi-fi 6 will make a difference. Loving it and having fun. Thank You.

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The “DSD over PCM 1.0” settings is only for a specific file format, the Direct Stream Digital format which is considered to be the ultimate audio music format to listen to high resolution audio. To use it you must have a DAC that is compatible with DSD and also have DSD files in your library :wink:

OK. Excellent. One thing that I may be overlooking when quitting Audirvana with Windows 10.
There is no way that I can find to quit the app without X-ing out of it. This is not a problem for me, but it seems abrupt. I always stop the player first though.