Will Audirvana stream from a PC to Yamaha WXA-50?

About to pull the trigger on a Yamaha WXA-50 streaming amp. It has MusicCast built-in. Wondering if I’ll be able to stream from my PC with Audirvana to the WXA-50?


It should, at least it works with Audirvana for macOS with a WXC-50.
But you might also face the same issue as me : https://community.audirvana.com/t/after-skipping-one-track-other-tracks-are-skipped/
Basically, you can control the volume and pause, but you’re unable to skim through a track, and if you ever hit the previous or next button, your queue is broken, you don’t know which track is played and it’ll skip some. It can also randomly refuse to play the upcoming track and remain silent until you stop and restart music play.

Since my topic didn’t see any answer in the past 6 months, I’m losing hope in seeing a good communication between MusicCast and Audirvana. No idea whether there’s communication between Audirvana and Yamaha or if nothing will ever happen.

Thanks. So, you’re using DLNA, not Airplay?

Yes I’m using UPnP to connect to the WXC-50. Airplay is not the right way to get high fidelity music streaming.
Another fact, and I don’t know exactly why, is that the wifi streaming caused frequent drops, even with highest stability value in the Yamaha’s settings. I reckon this is because I’m playing ALAC files which are not compatible with the Yamaha so Audirvana decodes the audio file and streams PCM. Probably the WXC-50 has poor wifi, and handling high bandwidth PCM with wifi drops was just too hard. I mailed Yamaha but they were unable to help, I fixed this issue by using Ethernet.

Good to know. Thanks.

I am using the WXA-50 and it appears on my network selection from audirvana

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