Will no longer play in sleep mode

My Mac just updated to Big Sur 11.2.2 and now whenever the computer is in sleep mode (like with the screen is closed) Audirvana will not output audio. If I open the laptop, the audio begins again. This never happened before the above update. Audirvana is current at 3.5.44
Anyone else experiencing this?

Hello @Burleyclay, what is the mac you are using? Do you have settings you have enabled in the power settings?

It is a MacBook Air. I haven’t changed any settings, and they look to be as I have always had them unless the update changed something without my catching it. I got it to work again with the computer in sleep mode by restarting, opening Audirvana, then letting it go to sleep before playing any music. Then once it is asleep starting to play music. But the screen has to be up (open) for it to work, it no longer works at all if the screen is down which is preferred so I don’t have all that visual distraction.