Window size issue


every time i open AS, the AS window doesnt present to me in its maximum size, although the maximize button (see yellow arrow in my picture) is engaged. A thin blue line (color of my win10 desktop) is clearly observable (see red arrows in my picture).

I could help myself and fix the issue temporarily as i click on the the maximize button (see yellow arrow in my picture) twice after i started AS.


I have similar issue on my mac. When I play some albums with tidal than the window size is so big it falls outside my screen. It is not on all albums.

Unfortunately not solved yet

Hello @Msav , What is the Scale and Layout of your Windows computer ?

I have changed nothing in my win 10 os scale and layout settings as you can see in the picture below. The green circle indicates my settings in win 10. Thats are the default setting in windows 10.

I have also tried to solve my scaling problem in AS via the nvidia software (see picture below) in the section “Customize desktop size and position” but without success.

We have not been able to really identify the root cause of this bug but we are working on it. The only workaround for this at the moment is, as you have done, clicking on the maximize button two time.