Windows LTSC - Audirvana installer .appxbundle doesn't launch

I’m trying to install Origin on windows 10. There’s no association for the “AudirvanaOriginSetup_2.0.0.0_x64_OriginRelease.appxbundle”. There’s a clue in the web page to install the Windows 10 App installer, but this doesn’t start downloading let alone installing.
The Windows version is 1809 17763.3532 Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC.

Google search follows the rabbit hole, Powershell commands, various app launchers, 3rd party gear, what’s this?

Why does Audirvana make things difficult for people? Where’s the EXE file at? Where is the list of supported operating systems?

Appx is as far as I understand the way Windows Universal apps are installed. They should work out of the box on both Windows 10 and 11. I also prefer the traditional setup.exe from normal Windows programs.

Audirvana runs on both Windows 10 and 11.

You need the AppInstaller to be able to install the package.

If there is no file association, then you need the app installer which you can get from the Microsoft App Store (see link below).

Thanks a lot for the tips. There’s a major problem though, I couldn’t download the App installer, NOR the Microsoft Store app. Released ad blockers, used Edge, and in downloading the Microsoft store app, there’s no EXE, msi but a pdf outlining legal disputes with Microsoft.

So Windows LTSC is a no go zone for audirvana, I could also not download in previous versions either, like 1.1 etc.

The PC where all the music files are kept only runs with LTSC, Windows 10 Pro crapped out badly, just wouldn’t install, blue screens, bad driver issues, a bad experience. Looks as though I will need to use the daily driver to host Audirvana which is not the greatest. That PC runs Windows 10 Pro for Workstations and that installs Audirvana.

I do have another PC where Audirvana could be installed, designed for audio, but runs on LTSC. That PC may not be as temperamental as the other, but it’s a big job. The mobo, graphic cards and processor are about 8 years old, maybe time for a revamp there. It does support an M.2 only one though. The main function is to house a JCAT NET XE card and noise isoalte Ethernet to a Lumin which does a good job.

All this to install Audirvana, is it worth the trouble. Maybe wait another 6 months to speed up the music files database catalog and obtain the parts needed.

Download this:

  1. Follow the instructions.
    2.Wait until store and additional components are installed.
    3.Open Store app and check for updates (very important - app installer is outdated in that package).
    4.Now you can install Audirvana!

Hello @One-and-a-Half,

Since you are on LTSC/LTSB version of Windows 10, you should take a look at those links:

How to install UWP (Modern UI) apps on Windows 10 LTSC/LTSB: How to install UWP (Modern UI) apps on Windows 10 LTSC/LTSB - Software and online tools
Install Microsoft Store Apps on Windows 10 LTSC: jonandnic dot com - Install Microsoft Store Apps on Windows 10 LTSC

Hello all and than you for the responses. I’m away from home for the moment, should be back by next week.

Finally at home to tackle this issue.

@DGrigorescu , the Github link installed to a point. It was necessary to then download the Microsoft store from Microsoft as @glen & @DGrigorescu advised. Reboot in between and a powershellinstall experiment requiring Microsoft Visual C++ UWP Desktop Runtime Package went nowhere, all it did was download the stoopid legal disclaimer file.

When the Microsoft Store installed and completed, Audirvana installed and is now playing music!

@Antoine , the Developer switch was a good one, the jonandnic com instructions looked like a lot of work and my typing skills would have done the same as format c: | Y, so didn’t carry out this recommendation.

Appreciate all who answered, a difficult problem (for me) to install Audirvana on win 10 LTSC. Audirvana will be available 24/7 and syncing is on local drives instead of the network share, let’s see if that speeds up indexing music.