Windows Server 2019

Tried to install Audirvana Plus on server 2019. Install ok, but Audirvana won’t open.
Checked latest 3.5 beta via
Webpage opens, click Get the app, “Sie benötigen eine neue App zum Öffnen von ms-appinstaller”

So it does not work.

Hi Tomgadd,

This is by design. There are two flavors Audirvana: MacOS and Windows 10. Audirvana uses (as far as I know) new features of Windows 10, not present in Windows Server.

As many other users of audiophile audio computers I use Windows Server 2019 because of its superior soundquality in comparisson to Windows 10; it sounds smoother, more detailed, more “analogue”. It is caused by the fact, that Windows Server is a reduced OS, reduced to functions of just serving data. The difference is huge and not just a flavour.
I use JRiver and JPlay with this OS and I never want to miss this awsome sound quality.

So it is standing to reason to run Audirvana on such an “audiophile operating system” too. But at this point difficulties start. As tomgadd mentioned above, it is not possible to install Audirvana.

So my question: What does it need to be able to install Audirvana on Windows Server 2019. Regarding the error message that occurs: Which apps / datas are required to achieve it?

An aimed-targeting information would be very appreciated. It would be a pitty, if Audirvana would remain outside.

Hello @Audionirvana, As long as your able to install App-Installer in Windows Server you’ll then be able to use Audirvana in it.

Audirvana 3.5.4 works great on Server 2019 but you have to install the AppInstaller and the two required VClibs Files using offline packages and install it using install commands in the PowerShell.
With Server 2016 we have another problem.
You will be able to install the AppInstaller with offline Packages but Server 2016 does not support ms-installer per URL package, because this feature is supported not until build 1709 and the latest build of Server 2016 GUI is build 1607.
Maybe we also can install Audirvana on Server 2016, if we get the Audirvana package as a download for offline installation. I would love to test it.
Damien can I get a Audirvana package download link please from you please to test offline installation on server 2016? The file extension should be .appx or .appxbundle or .appinstaller or .msix or .msixbundle
Actually I use a 30 days test version on Server 2019 an it sounds great!
Additionally I own a Server 2016 system with installed AppInstaller waiting for a Audirvana offline package installation.

Thanks in advance!

I sent you a private message regarding this.

Dear Damien,

you did send me a link to a Audirvana installer file yesterday in the morning.
Unfortunately that was only a little Audirvana installer file (size only 580kB) for online installation.
With such a file it is not possible to install Audirvana on Server 2016.
It would be a online installation and we would get the same problem like installing Audirvana direct from your Webside as a online installation.
The reason why is because the Server 2016 does not support the URL:ms-appinstaller feature.
Nevertheless I tried this on my Windows Server 2016 system with your 580kB installation file, but the installation did not work.
I did send you a PM yesterday and asked you again to send me the complete Audirvana package with the file extension .appx or .appxbundle or .appinstaller or .msix or .msixbundle.
I think it has a size of more than 50MB.
I need this file on my Server 2016 system for a offline installation.

But since my last PM I heard nothing more from you.

I would like to help all the Server 2016 user who can currently not use the awesome Audirvana audio player and you have the advantage that you can sell a lot more licenses because Server 2016 is used with pleasure in highend audio applications from a lot of people.
We have only a small chance to install Audirvana on a Server 2016 system, but I would like to try this to help much people.

Thanks in advance for your further effort.

With my idea extracting the download link to your file server from your 580 Bytes appinstaller file, today I could download the complete Audirvana appxbundle (size 8.020 KB) for offline installation.
Trying to install this bundle I got a error message in Server 2016.
On a Server 2019 offline installation with this offline .appxbundle file was no problem.
I think we can stop trying to install Audirvana on a Server 2016.

Hello Audio24,

thank you very much for your effort. So its clear now, that all audiophile user of WindowsServer 2016 will remain outside. The alternative going with WindowsServer 2019 is definitely a step back in SQ - and of course even more with Windows 10.

Recently I compared JRiver and JPlay on WindowsServer 2016 with Audirvana on WindowsServer 2019. For me there is no doubt, that JRiver and especially JPlay have the better sound quality (resolution, soundstage, separation of instruments …) on WindowsServer 2016 - compared to Audirvana on WindowsServer 2019.

However: JRiver and JPlay installation on a WindowsServer 2019 makes it hard to decide. Audirvana has the better (= more natural) sound signature, JPlay and JRiver have better resolution. May be it is a matter of individual taste.

So it would have been very interesting, how Audirvana would sound on WindowsServer 2016. But after your profound research and experiments there will be no chance.

So my conclusion: Staying with JPlay/JRiver.
Again thank you for your helpful work.

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It is possible to install Audirvana in Windows Server 2019? If yes, how can I do it?
Can someone help me?
Thank you

I’m new to this forum.
I confess I would like to try Audirvana on my Windows Server 2019 computer too and give to this player a chance. By now I’m using JPLAY +AO + Fidelizer 8.5 ans Roon server.
I’m aware that we can install it on Windows Server 2019 but we need to install the AppInstaller and two required VClibs Files. Is there is a way to get this files?
Many thanks in advance for your answer.

Best regards,

If you Google a bit you’ll find the information how to do that. These procedures are not officially supported by Audirvana.

Many thanks for your answer bitracer.
In fact I’e googled a lot but without success perhaps it’s because english is not my usual language and there is some point I haven’t entirely understood. :pensive:

Maybe @Audio24 can help you here since he already managed to install Audirvana on Windows Server 2019.

Thank bitracer.
You’re right I will ask toAudio24. :grinning:


finally thanks to the members Audio24 and Conch I’ve been able to install Audirvana on Windows Server 2019 GUI in combination with Audiophile Optimizer 3.0, Fidelizer 8.5 and JPLAY / (Jplay Femto or JPlay Classic).
I want to thanks these two members for their help. :+1: :smiley:
Now I’m testing and comparing Audirvana with Jplay classic and Jplay FEMTO vs full JPLAY FEMTO solution.
I’ve yet compared, Audirvana + JPLAY FEMTO vs Roon + Jplay Classic (Roon + JPLAY FEMTO can work but only with squeeze2upnp bridge with some stability problems and limitations and not great improvement concerning SQ).
The result: I’ve cancelled my membership to Roon… :wink:
Before Roon was mandatory for me as I needed convolution and convolution is not supported by Audirvana. Now I don’t need it anymore.

Just one thing is missing, it’s impossible to play DSD (DSF) files with Audirvana + JPLAY FEMTO (uPnP protocol).

Thanks to Le-dom I could finally install Audirvana on windows server 2019.
Together with audiophileoptimizer and Fidelizer the sound is now outstanding.
Finally Damien has also got the vst3 problem under control…now mathaudio roomeq finally works.
Win Server2019 is installed on my MacBook pro late 2013
When I compare the sound from my mojave installation with the Server2019/ao3/Fidelizer partition on the macbook, you wouldn’t believe how much better the win server story sounds.
The real deal.

and the sound is even better with JPLAY FEMTO but for the moment Audirvana and JPLAY FEMTO doesn’t work very well with UPnP protocol. It’s a pity.

Hi there,
I also want to install Audirvana on Windows Server 2019. Unfortunatelly I´m not able to find the neccecary offline packackges (AppInstaller and the two required VClibs Files). Could you please provide me with this information?

Thanks in advance!

Hi transistor54,

please send me a PM.