Windows Server 2019

Has anyone managed to install Audirvana on Windows 2019 CORE Server?

Goodmorning everyone.
I am also a new owner of windows server 2019. I usually use audirvana on windows 10 but I would like to pass it on server 2019.
can you please give me the files required for the installation? thank you.


actually you find the needed files and a instructions text file here:

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Dear all, first of all i wish you all the best during these difficult times and for this holiday time. I restart tests on Audirvana under WIndows 2019 but i can not connect to my tidal account, i assume because of Tidal connexion through webpage and not like QObuz with (login/password). I have the following problem message (on top of the message i run the program as administrator) : “Unexpected Error: Unable to initialize the WebView control because the system is running a version of Windows that doesn’t support this control. The WebView control runs only on Windows 10 April 2018 Update or later.”

Did somebody having a tidal account found a solution ?

Thanks a lot and take care.

Hi to Damien and all the guys in here, I am new on this forum…after one year using a Cambridge Audio streamer I’ m maybe back to my audio pc since I’ ve read it is possible to use Audirvana with jplay driver and I was glad to discover Audirvana remote that allows me to listen to Qobuz with a great sound quality. I am testing it on a Windows 10 pro install, I wanted to test it on win server 2019 but I can not download it. I created an user account as I 've seen that there are some functions missing if installed as administrator. Should I uninstall it from the windows pro partition?

Hi Audiophilip,

I’ve installed Audirvana on windows server 2019 after installing the content available in the zip mentioned above.
I had to run the browser as admin (from the user account) so that the download would work. I don’t think it has to do with your Windows Pro instance (but I don’t know if that could create some licensing issues later)

I however on windows server 2019 (1809) haven’t managed to get tidal working as it is relying on webview controls which I am struggling with.

Does any of you knows if the dependency is on webview or webview2 (edgehtml or Edge chromium)? I’ve tried both with no success and I am considering trying windows server 1904 or 1909 but having clarity on the above would help

Dear forumers, Windows 2022 is out and very promising doing some manual tweaks. I tried to install Audirvana with the same process than for Windows 2019 but without success : perhaps I stopped too many processes.
Did someone tried and succeeded ?

Thanks a lot in advance for the community.

Have you found a solution to this problem? As much as I search the web I can’t find anything that allows me to connect to Tidal.
No one at Audirvana has anything to say about this problem? A little help, please

Hello, not sure it is a problem as audirvana never supported the windows server versions. Few knowledgeable people were able to propose solutions under windows 2019 but not for 2022. From my side I’m moving away from audirvana after déception on SQ, remote quality on iOS and weeks of issues on libraries.

Wish you all the best.

What kind of problem do you have installing Audirvana studio on Windows Server 2022?

And, once you left Audirvana, what was your next choice?

for my part I have installed Audirvana Studio on Windows server 2022. It’s the reason why IO need to know what kind of problem you have encountered. :wink:

Hello, I tried long time ago to install as per the w19 process but failed. To be honest I do not remember where.

Roon+HQPembedded and upnp (minimserver)