Yes, We Have No Album Art


I haven’t seen this specific issue like this in the forums or online. I’m a new Audinirvana 3.5 user playing Qobuz and local files. Intending to purchase a license as soon as my trial period ends.

I’ve successfully imported over 2,000 aiff and wav files plus several aac files from an external drive and internal iTunes Music folder. All text metadata transferred over, but zero album art.

I can manually import cover art for the iTunes aac files without a hitch. But when I try to import album art for the aiff and wav files, I get a notice that “Audinirvana tracks have not been updated, probably due a write permission issue.”

Perhaps this is because my external drive is formatted for a PC and configured for reading, not writing. But I don’t know if the external drive setting matters, since I believe that Audinirvana creates its own metatag database that should be both readable and writable. Yes, I have granted read/write permission to Audinirvana and permitted the app to access my audio settings.

An automated solution like Bliss would be great, but that may be too high-falutin’ for a tech-challenged individual like me. I only use iTunes now for ripping CDs, and would give it up entirely without regret.

Please reply if anyone has any advice.

FYI, I am running OSX El Capitan.

Hello @Dennis_Abelson,

The database created by Audirvana do not store the metadata, every metadata you edit in Audirvana is directly linked to your file, this is why when you are out of Audirvana ( eg. using a Tag Editor) you can change the metadata and be able to see it directly in Audirvana.

The database need to have both read and write permission as your file so it would be able to change the metadata directly in the file.

We had other feedback from users that would like to be able retrieve automatically their metadata and we are thinking of implementing a tool like Bliss in a future update of Audirvana.

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