11,025 hz noise spike

Hi all. Had a weird occurrence last night when a iso DSD file ended play. Notice a high pitched ringing noise that seemed constant in level. Upon checking with a frequency spectrum analyses I found that the right channel only had a 11025 hz noise spike that was rock solid and unwavering. I am using a MacBook Pro with usb out to my dac. I checked out my speakers and all components were functioning fine. Then I closed out Audirvana and relaunched. The spike was gone and has not returned. While I am not worried about this one occurrence, I am curious as to what may have been the cause of it. Has anyone else have this happen? Or can someone speculate as to wether this was more likely a computer or Audirvana origin? Thanks.

John G

I get periodic hi pitched noise while playing pcm based files. I reset the progress slide and it goes away. I use a Mac Mini, Ultrarendu to a Bryston BDA3. Since I am told I listen to music at volume, when this dropout happens it is very startling.

Very interesting. I have never noticed this before with any file format and wonder if it’s related to only my dsd playback. I will try resetting the progress slider if it occurs again and see if that removes it. But the right channel only noise still has me wondering how it could originate. Thanks for posting your experience and resolution.

Did you do upsampling?

If you are asking me, I do not upsample. I play music in its native format. my installation is kind of a rube Goldberg contraption, Mac mini (connected to a usb3 based Drobo disk array) connected to an older Cisco 10/100 switch talking to a Ultrarendu (connected to the same switch) which Is connected to a Bryston BDA3 DAC via a usb connection. There are so many points of potential failure in this setup that I would have no idea where to start tracking down what is an intermittent failure. In my past life (I’m retired) as an embedded systems engineer we had a saying, KISS “keep it simple stupid”. My setup violates that saying

Yes, I thought the high pitch might have been caused by the oversampling. Mainly because it’s a very specific frequency, a quarter of the redbook 44.1 KHz.