11/2022 Feature request

Some other players I used to use had some nice features you don’t seem to have…

Just some ideas to think about.

  1. Option to always show the playlist (you call it “Play Queue”) on start. I hate having to switch to it every time it launches (the newly added feature of showing startup preferences doesn’t have the option to show the main playlist / “Play Queue”, you still have to find and click that little icon).
  2. Option to clear playlist (“Play Queue”) on quit.
  3. Option to start playing a new audio file once double clicked (with both ‘add to play queue’, and the option to play immediately, interrupting current one).

and not quite as important, but would be nice:
4. Artwork as the background behind the playlist (with option to center, tile, fit, blur or lighten contrast).

Clementine and the (Strawberry fork) all had these useful options.

Thank you for reading.

Hi @dakindred,

Those options are already in the app if I understood correctly.

Can you send a screenshot for the fourth one?

I wasn’t aware (or haven’t found out how) to make the player behave like this yet.

As to point 1-

In the new app (from what I can tell), startup behavior is limited to showing “My Music”, “Library” or “My Playslist” only, not the more important “Play Queue” (which is what I’m referring to as the “playlist”). I don’t make preset playlists. I always find my songs in finder, and double click them as I want to listen to them.

I would like the option to be able to show that “Play Queue” Always when I launch it, not have to click the little three line hamburger icon to the right of the transport controls every single time I launch the app - just so I can see what’s playing now and whats next.

Point 2 -
Is about being able to clear that “Play Queue” on exit, so it start clean next time on launch, not still showing a bunch of songs I listened to previously. Currently, every time I have a huge list of songs I played before, I have to the clear button to erase them, otherwise it s huge mess. It easier to just have the option of clearing or leaving them stay when you quit.

as to point 3 -

Yes, double clicking will add to play queue, but I mean also have an option to override the current song and play immediately upon double click - (or not). Its really handy when you want to change the music and listen right now. Sometimes I’m just skimming though and dont want to double click to add a song, then find the song I just added, then double click it again in the “play queue” just to hear it. Again, its an option in Clementine/Strawberry, and very useful.

#4 - here is a screenshot of what I’m referring to - you can change the opacity and other parameters, but its a nice dress up when you’re playing and want to see the track names, and also the art (in this example it shows in two places - which you can change as well).


MOCKUP (perhaps without the thumbnail next to each entry):


Also, its worth noting - I noticed a group of icons at the top of the “Play Queue” that look like you can show list view or thumbnail view in the now playing / play queue area, but clicking on either the tiles, or list, or the slider (is that supposed to makes the art bigger?) does nothing, they arent clickable.


I don’t know if something is wrong with my player

You can’t change those options because the play queue can only be listed as track lines.

Understood but can’t guarantee we will add it to the software.