2.6.6 - Can't delete song from a playlist & can't import A+ playlist

Regardless of which playlist ‘view’ I select (selecting or de-selecting the ‘sort also manual playlists’), I am unable to delete a song from a playlist.

In the library preferences, I currently use the 2nd method (directly importing the iTunes library) so that I have all my playlists. However, I would like to totally migrate away from iTunes, so I manually replicated all iTunes playlists as A+ playlists.

My plan was to then change the A+ preferences to use library method 1(adding folders to synchronize) and de-selecting the 2nd option. From what I understand, this would then remove all the playlists. The plan was to then import the manual A+ playlists I had exported and saved. However, when I test this and try to import an A+ playlist, I get an error stating “Error importing playlist” and that none of the tracks have been found in the library and thus not been imported. I opened one of the A+ playlists in a text editor and all file paths are correct and the files exist, so this is very frustrating.

Once again, basic functionality doesn’t work, which effectively renders A+ as unusable. It really is difficult to remain positive about A+ in the face of such basic functionality failures.