2.8MHZ instead of 5.6Mhz

Hello. I recently installed the lates Audirvana 3.5 and all its updates. The new version copied the settings I had within the Plus version. Everything seems to be fine but the resolution showed by the DSD is inferior and not the same I enjoyed with the last version and the audio is not as good as before.
I have tried different settings without success. I would like to use the old version but I do not have it anymore and would like to download it again.
Could you let me know how to reverse this condition

Has anything else changed? Like a firmware update of your DAC?
BTW, what is your DAC model?
Is the 352.8kHz PCM rate available? It is needed to send native DSD128 on macOS, as only the DSD over PCM method can be used.

I am using TEAC UD-503 and its firmware is up to date since January 2018.

It is connected via USB

It was needed to set it DSD 128 and know DAC shows 5.6 MHz.

Sound is great!

Thank you for the notice